1. CCMC Live
    Michael Snow, Nobuo Kubota, Casey Sokol, Alan Mattes, John Kamevaar, Gregg Simpson

  2. In Lieu Of

  3. At the Move
    A-Group: Paul Cram - reeds, Ralph Eppel- brass, Bob Bell- guitar, Gregg Simpson-drums

  4. Sweeterrainforterraine
    Don Druick and Gregg Simpson

  5. First Meeting
    Paul Plimley Trio Meets Robert Leriche

  6. Seein' It Through, The Compositions of Gregg Simpson

  7. The Gregg Simpson Jazz Hour Presents Paul Plimley

  8. Live at the Grunt Gallery
    Lunar Adventures

  9. Live at the Soft Rock Cafe
    New Orchestra Quintet

  10. Son of Styptodisc

  11. Bob Bell Trio Live at the Western Front

  12. Western Terrace
    Allan Graubard and Gregg Simpson

  13. Wave Action
    The Big Sea 5

  14. Mirage Dance
    Gregg Simpson, Yamaha DX synthesizer and multi tracking.

  15. Up 'Til Now
    New Orchestra Quintet. New Orchestra Records 001

  16. Live at the Classical Joint

  17. Cellar Feature from The Gregg Simpson Jazz Hour
    Al Neil, Harold Land, Ornette Coleman

  18. The Al Neil Trio (Feature with narration)

  19. Lunar Adventures Feature

  20. Collaborations (Feature with narration)
    Paul Plimley and Gregg Simpson

  21. Opening for Ornette
    Lunar Adventures

  22. The Gregg Simpson Jazz Hour: Part Three

  23. Gregg Simpson Jazz Hour: Part Two
    New Orchestra Quintet, Vancouver Art Trio, Tribal Dynamics

  24. The Gregg Simpson Jazz Hour: Part One
    The Vancouver Creative Jazz Scene. Music with Commentary.

  25. Slippin' and Slidin'

  26. Close Together
    Gunter Christmann

  27. The Poem Show
    Jim Brown

  28. On the Mall
    Musique Par Couer:, 1975 Granville Mall Concert

  29. Boot and Fog
    Al Neil

  30. Paul Plimley and Gregg Simpson at New Music America
    Paul Plimley-piano, synthesizer, Gregg Simpson-drums, percussion

  31. Miles in Paris, 1964
    Miles Davis Quintet

  32. A Swedish Smorgasbord
    Cannonball Adderley and Bill Evans

  33. Harold Land Quartet at the Cellar

  34. Live in Europe
    The Max Roach Quintet with Sam Rivers

  35. West Meets East: A Paul Cram Feature (with Spoken Introductions)

  36. Coltrane in Germany
    John Coltrane with Eric Dolphy, McCoy Tyner, Reggie Workman and Elvin Jones.

  37. Live at Cafe Montmarte
    Charles Mingus Quintet

  38. The Paul Cram Trio: Live at l'Opale, Montreal, 1983
    Paul Cram Trio

  39. Live at the Chestnut Cabaret
    Tony Williams Quintet

  40. Solo Piano Concert, 1980
    Mal Waldron

  41. P.U.M.P.S. Live: Al Neil Meets New Orchestra Workshop
    Al Neil and New Orchestra Workshop

  42. Al Neil and the Jazz Probe Orchestra
    Al Neil Jazz Probe Orchestra

  43. Al Neil: The Cellar Years

  44. Al Neil Jazz Probe
    Al Neil

  45. Percuss-o-nots: Jim McGillveray and Gregg Simpson
    Jim McGillveray, Gregg Simpson, david uu

  46. Live in Saalfelden, 1986
    Old and New Dreams

  47. Live at the American Radio Jazz Festival
    Philly Joe Jones Quartet

  48. NOW You Hear It
    New Orchestra Workshop

  49. Live at the Classical Joint
    Karl Berger Trio:

  50. Live in Vancouver
    Sam Rivers Quartet

  51. C.O.R.D. Orchestra Live - Conducted by Karl Berger, 1978-1979

  52. Live in Vancouver
    Max Roach Quartet

  53. Pick a Number: Bill Smith Ensemble
    Bill Smith Ensemble

  54. The Subtle Deceit of the Gloved Hand: Bill Smith Ensemble

  55. A Tale of Two Trios

  56. The Invention of Language. Gerry Gilbert with the Paul Plimley Trio

  57. Live at the Vancouver Jazz Festival, 1988
    John Tchicai

  58. Up Til NOW by the New Orchestra Quintet, LP version
    New Orchestra Quintet

  59. Blue Hue
    Ralph Eppel Group

  60. Sound Image Net: Jared Burrows, Paul Cram, Ralph Eppel, Clyde Reed, Carol Sawyer, Gregg Simpson
    Sound Image Net

  61. Harmolodic Highlanders
    Lunar Adventures, Tribal Dynamics, Paul Cram Trio.

  62. Paul Cram Orchestra: Live in Lisbon
    Paul Cram Orchestra

  63. Mirage Dance: Gregg Simpson, Solo Synthesizer
    Gregg Simpson

  64. Duets: Paul Cram and Gregg Simpson

  65. Thunder by Alan Williams / Music: Paul Cram
    Paul Cram and Alan Williams

  66. Etc. Trio at the Newfoundland Sound Symposium
    Etecetra Trio

  67. Round One: The Paul Cram Trio
    Paul Cram Trio

  68. Noir Angel. The Paul Cram Ensemble
    Paul Cram Ensemble

  69. Paul Cram: Blue Tales in Time
    Paul Cram

  70. Beyond Benghazi. Paul Cram Orchestra featuring Julius Hemphill
    Paul Cram Orchestra

  71. On the Lam
    Paul Cram and the Benghazi Saxophone Quartet

  72. Paul Cram Quintet: West Meets East
    Paul Cram

  73. Paul Cram: Symphonic Works with Improvisers
    Paul Cram and Orchestra

  74. Live at the Knitting Factory
    Lunar Adventures

  75. 4x6: Paul Cram Sextet
    Paul Cram

  76. Open Waters
    Upstream Ensemble

  77. Tribal Dynamics
    Tribal Dynamics

  78. C.O.R.D. Orchestra: Research and Development
    C.O.R.D. Orchestra

  79. Orwell Predicted It: Sessione Milano on Tour
    Sessione Milano

  80. Live at Oil Can Harry's
    Vancouver Sound Ensemble

  81. Al Neil: Standing Still (with Gregg Simpson and Marguerite Neil)

  82. Full Moon: Lunar Adventures
    Lunar Adventures

  83. Motion: High Velocity

  84. Paul Plimley Trio: Swinging Planets
    Paul Plimley Trio

  85. Alive in Seattle
    Lunar Adventures

  86. Gravity Boots
    Ralph Eppel Quintet

  87. Post - Literate
    Don Druick, Roy Kiyooka, Howard Broomfield, Gregg Simpson.

  88. Live in Montreal
    Vancouver Art Trio

  89. Al Neil Trio: Retrospective 1965-1968
    Al Neil Trio

  90. Al Neil Trio Retrospective, 1965-1968 Disc Two
    Al Neil Trio

  91. Cargo Culture
    Paul Cram Ensemble

  92. Jazz in the Zebra Zone
    Paul Cram Quartet

  93. Systematics: Big Sea Five

  94. Paganology (Condition West Recordings 006)
    Gregg Simpson

  95. The Vancouver Art Trio: Live at the Western Front.
    Vancouver Art Trio

  96. Collage for Al Neil
    Collage: Vivien Houle, Paul Plmiley, Clyde Reed, Gregg Simpson, Stefan Smulovitz, Krista Lomax.

  97. New Orchestra Quintet: Selected Recordings 1978-‘79
    New Orchestra Quintet

  98. Sculpin, by the Aperture Trio (Undercurrent Recordings UR 002)
    Paul Cram

  99. Music For The Living
    Eppel/Simpson/Bell. Double CD

  100. Gravity Boots, CD2
    , The Ralph Eppel Quintet:

  101. Drum Fire
    Gregg Simpson with Glenn Spearman, Paul Cram, George McFetridge and Paul Plimley.

  102. Sunship Jazz Ensemble (Blue Minor Records and CBC Transcriptions)
    Sunship Ensemble

  103. Campin' Out. The Paul Cram Orchestra

  104. Aromatic Journeys
    Richard Anstey. Blue Minor Records.

  105. The Future is NOW. New Orchestra Workshop
    New Orchestra Workshop

  106. Awake in the Red Desert
    Biil Bissett and the Mandan Massacre


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